Alcohol is a socially relevant form of culture that many go ahead to consume, while others prefer not to due to a whole bunch of reasons. Due to this particular form of divide, it is essential that you focus all your attention on the former group of people and help them enter your bar. In case you are clueless about the process, then you need not worry about anything because we are here with a couple of ideas that will promote your sales and help it reach the top. So go ahead and read them all.

1. Happy Hours

Happy hours have turned out to be the right way to get people into your bar and experience the many services that you have to offer. Apart from being a promotional idea, it also manages to be a unique way of setting the mood to party. As a result, you should conduct happy hours and hit people with discounted prices that are sure to capture their imagination. In this manner, they will be aware of your brand and will always make it a point to come when the time is right.

Happy Hours

2. Promotional SMS and Emails

Sending promotional and exclusive SMS and Emails is an excellent way of providing a personal form of service. But before you do so, you should ensure that the customer is ready to receive such alerts because it should not end up being a part of his/her spam folder. Once they are on board with the same, you can proceed to send personal messages that highlight your services and talk about the different kinds of discounts that you are ready to provide. When things end up being exclusive, they will feel the need to visit your place.


3. Karaoke Nights/Open Mics

Conducting karaoke nights and open mics are a unique way of bringing people together as it provides them with a platform to shine. So they will be more than happy about the same and will proceed to promote your place through the power of social media. As a result, you will get a different form of recognition that caters to everyone at a particular age. Apart from that, hosting karaoke nights and open mic also boasts local talent and helps people discover an individual’s capabilities.

4. Live Screening

Alcohol and a game of your favourite sport are two ingredients to a great party that is going to be crowded. For this purpose, you should host live screenings of games that are bound to bring two groups together under one roof. By doing so, discussion, debates and other forms of conversations will begin to take place under the platform that you provided. So leave no stone unturned and move forward to make things happen.