Free Budapest Walks last 2.5 hours and focus mainly on the history, architecture, legends, stories, daily life and hidden treasures of the city. The tours provide a comprehensive picture about the Hungary and its society, beyond the glorious stereotypes. All the four tours are offered ALL YEAR ROUND, rain or shine…
Budapest is well known to be the best place in Europe, if you know where to go and what to see. Our insider guides will show you the must see sights you can not miss, including all academically relevant and practically inevitable information that you could not find out on your own without the eyes of a local. The added value of our tours is two-fold. All our tour guides are insiders and they work only for tips. Tipping is not compulsory and participants are free to give as much or as little as they feel the tour is worth, and is therefore available for everybody and anybody interested in Hungary.

Hungary’s capital is famous for its hot springs all over the world. Many people visit Hungary’s famous thermal baths, but only a few know that the hot water rushing up from deep underground created something else too. In the limestone mountains under Budapest the heated water formed a huge cave system, which is thought to be more than 100 km long. The spas and caves of Budapest are planned to be declared part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The longest cave of Budapest is the 20.1 km long Pál-völgyi-Mátyás-hegyi cave system located in the Duna-Ipoly National Park. It is a real multi-level labyrinth system with most of its chambers under the residential districts of Budapest. If you aren’t claustrophobic you can apply for our regularly scheduled cave tours which are guided by qualified caving guides. During the 2.5-3 hrs long tours you will often have to climb on walls and crawl through narrow passages so you have to be prepared for adventure. You will be supplied with overalls, helmets, and lights. You don’t need to have any previous experience in caving.
For sporty Budapest travelers who wish to stray from the city center and onto a bike path, exploring a calmer forested side of the cities’ limits will reveal several hidden games along the way, like swimmable lakes outdoor riverside cafes and forests. The trail, at times is hard to distinguish but ultimately ends in the picturesque town ofSzentendre, where cyclists can lock up bikes and stroll the cobbled streets and browse local art.Pick up bike, pass Parliament and Basilica, cross Chain Bridge, view of Parliament of Buda side, ride Margaret island, continue along Buda side to Romai “beach” and leave Budapest under the new “Chuck Norris”bridge. Continue among forests and lakes to Szentendre. Ease at your pace and take the HÉV (suburban train) or ride back to Budapest.Approx. 21 km (13 miles)/1,5 hours of riding – return optional by HÉV

Season welcoming sailing adventures on Lake Balaton (spring and autumn). If you want to enjoy your stay in Hungary a bit differently than the others, here is a fine deal to leave the city behind and get to the open wild… Cruising on board of a sailing yacht, enjoying the sunshine, the challenge of wind and waves, having fun with friendly people. It’s a pleasure to sail on the blue, sometimes emerald green water, admiring the surrounding beauty. To warm up your body and soul, with Hungarian traditional mulled wine served on board. At the afternoon the Jacuzzi and sauna of the yacht club will be noisy with our freshly gained stories.
Get in your canoe and row against the current of time, right back to the 60’s!
Just above Budapest, Szentendre Island splits into two streams. To the East runs the main current, while to the West you find the “Small Danube”, with Luppa Island in between. This tiny island is characterized by calm waters, dense vegetation, patched by sandbanks and it’s visited by many (nature) lovers, bikers, nudists, hippies… all misfits of modern society! The only “footpath” of the island links 83 chalets of the locals, and the unique catering unit: Diós Pub. Built in 1963 of massive concrete – the building blocks of communism – defying the glitter of the city, but fulfilling all desires of the island visitors. Chill on the bosom of nature…
With your canoe you can explore small inlets, meadows and surrounding islands. If requested, goulash or any other rock solid Hungarian dish (fish soup, lecso) can be arranged for lunch at a minimal fee for a group. Experience in rowing is not essential. We provide life vests, however you need to be a good swimmer to take part in this tour.
After returning the canoes at Római Shore, it is highly recommended to drop by Fellini Culture Pub, which is probably the most popular drinking institute along the bike roads of Budapest. A wide selection of beers, by the beach, while live music flows by the Danube, under the maple and sycamore trees… any more fun would be almost too much!