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About Our Facilities & Services!

We have access to some of the best facilities, which is sure to ensure that you enjoy your stay here. We provide one, two, three sharing bedrooms to individuals and it is up to you to choose the one you like the most.

Female-Only Rooms & Private Rooms

We have females, only special rooms where you can share your room with other girls. This is done in the effort to make one feel comfortable with us.


We Ask For A 30% Deposit In Case Of A Group Booking.


We generally have additional fees if you are expecting food, cleaning and other such facilities.


You can pay us through cash, debit or credit cards, online payments to help ease your stress.

Casa’s Very Own Terrace Bar

We have a terrace bar for people who want to spend some quality time as well as meet new people. This is a spot where you can enjoy your day and get to interact with new people.


Few Words For Us

  • This is a wonderful place as they have all the amenities which is required to have a shared or a private room. I highly recommend this place if you are around.

    Thomas Tufts

Casa Rules

  • In/Out Time

    11 am – but you can leave your luggage in the reception area after check-out time, no worries. 13 am – but if you arrive earlier you can rest in the common area and use the facilities of the hostel.

  • Free Services

    Free internet at the reception PCs and free wifi all over the building!
    Free coffee/tea all day!
    Fully equipped kitchen!
    Maps and brochures at the reception!

  • Curfew

    No, you’re free as a bird!

  • Cancellation Policy

    Cancellation Policy for individuals (up to 7 people):
    Cancellations made 15 or more days prior to the date of arrival will incur without charge. Cancellations made 24 hours to 14 days prior to the date of arrival will incur a 50% charge.

Nearest Points Of Interest:

• Colleges
• Workspaces
• Restaurants
• Theatres
• Parks

Our Blog

Benefits of Staying at a Backpacker Hostel

Backpacker Hostel

Staying at a backpacker hostel tends to bring in a number of benefits that manage to overtake those that emerge from staying at a hotel. These benefits will help convert your vacation into an exciting one, as they manage to take things to the right level. So to help you understand all that we are talking about, we decided to hit you with the top benefits that arise from staying at a backpacker hotel. Hence, go ahead and read them out loud and clear.

1. A Suitable Budget

Vacations can be expensive, and there are very few ways through which you can cut the price down. One of those ways is to stay at a backpacker hostel as they are cheaper than a hotel. These budget-friendly accommodations make matters click to the right extent as they offer numerous options within the right price. Although the cost might vary based on the location and the amenities, it still manages to stay within a particular limit.


2. An Innovative Experience

The experience of staying at a backpacker hostel tends to head in the right direction, as you get to meet individuals from all around the world. Solo travellers and adventure enthusiasts stay at these hostels, opening up an excellent opportunity for a conversation. As a result, you can proceed to hear their stories and understand the many risks that they go through in order to live a life that keeps constantly moving.

3. The Hub for Parties

Leaving home for vacation and not partying at that particular place is a huge mistake that needs to be avoided. So the best way to get things going is to stay at a backpacker hostel as their parties are fascinating and exciting. Between pool bars, pub-crawl nights, you can find your interest and move forward to make the most of it. As the individuals who attend these parties socialise a lot, you will not find it hard to start up a conversation.

4. Access to a Kitchen

If you are not quite fond of what you are eating, then you have the option of going ahead to prepare what you like. Backpacker hostels come with shared kitchens that either includes a kettle and a microwave or are fully equipped to cover your needs. Due to that, you can always cook what’s best for you and proceed ahead to enjoy it. Hence, the feeling of home will never go out of the picture.



When you sum up these points, you are left with more than a single reason to stay at a backpacker hostel. Hence, think about the same and promote your vacation to move ahead towards the direction of fun and excitement.

Background Music Tips for Bars and Restaurants to Set the Mood and Boost Sales

Music Tips

The fun part of planning and setting up the music department in your bar or restaurant is a process that needs to be carried in the right direction. The kind of music that you play ends up deciding a unique theme for the restaurant, and people will use the same to come ahead and have a great time, provided they are fond of what you play. For that very purpose, we are here to hit you with a bunch of tips that are going to mould your background music and help it venture ahead. So keep reading to know more.

1. Low and Slow

A relaxing mood is a great way to begin the day and help people take their mind away from the different forms of pressure that Mondays bring into the picture. As a result, go ahead to play something low enough to keep their interest intact and slow enough to include everyone in the right mood. In this manner, you will be able to set up a relaxed atmosphere that is comfortable and promotes people to spend a considerable amount of time.

2. Country Music

Country music is a great genre that seems to attract new audiences with songs that talk about life and reality. According to a music report by Billboard Music, around 42% of American are fans of country music. As a result, you need to cater to these audiences and help them feel at home. For this purpose, you can proceed to create a playlist that includes the classics as well as the very latest from the industry. The likes of John Denver and Christopher Stapleton are favourites that never go out of style.


3. Bring in the Tempo

When you want your business to get moving or want to play songs for the weekend, it is always good to look into genres that make people groove. Fast tempo music and a few other forms of EDM will do the trick as people will be encouraged to dance and have a couple more drinks for the night. Considering the kind of sales that you can make at this point, you must give the people what they need. So bring in the tunes because everyone wants to party over the weekend.

4. Avoid Loud Music

Loud Music

While playing loud music during the mood for parties is unavoidable, you can always avoid the same when the focus is on food. When people begin to consume food, they want to listen to something pleasing and something that properly manoeuvres their experiences. So make sure that you control the volume and place it at the right limit based on the mood of your bar or restaurant.

Ideas to Promote Your Bar and Subsequently Raise Sales


Alcohol is a socially relevant form of culture that many go ahead to consume, while others prefer not to due to a whole bunch of reasons. Due to this particular form of divide, it is essential that you focus all your attention on the former group of people and help them enter your bar. In case you are clueless about the process, then you need not worry about anything because we are here with a couple of ideas that will promote your sales and help it reach the top. So go ahead and read them all.

1. Happy Hours

Happy hours have turned out to be the right way to get people into your bar and experience the many services that you have to offer. Apart from being a promotional idea, it also manages to be a unique way of setting the mood to party. As a result, you should conduct happy hours and hit people with discounted prices that are sure to capture their imagination. In this manner, they will be aware of your brand and will always make it a point to come when the time is right.

Happy Hours

2. Promotional SMS and Emails

Sending promotional and exclusive SMS and Emails is an excellent way of providing a personal form of service. But before you do so, you should ensure that the customer is ready to receive such alerts because it should not end up being a part of his/her spam folder. Once they are on board with the same, you can proceed to send personal messages that highlight your services and talk about the different kinds of discounts that you are ready to provide. When things end up being exclusive, they will feel the need to visit your place.


3. Karaoke Nights/Open Mics

Conducting karaoke nights and open mics are a unique way of bringing people together as it provides them with a platform to shine. So they will be more than happy about the same and will proceed to promote your place through the power of social media. As a result, you will get a different form of recognition that caters to everyone at a particular age. Apart from that, hosting karaoke nights and open mic also boasts local talent and helps people discover an individual’s capabilities.

4. Live Screening

Alcohol and a game of your favourite sport are two ingredients to a great party that is going to be crowded. For this purpose, you should host live screenings of games that are bound to bring two groups together under one roof. By doing so, discussion, debates and other forms of conversations will begin to take place under the platform that you provided. So leave no stone unturned and move forward to make things happen.



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